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Stronvar House
Advertiser guide to marketing success
Our Frequently asked questions for new advertisers gives the mechanics of how to use our online systems to create your advertisement. Your advertisement will get your property seen by thousands of visitors to the site, but that's all it can do. You have to get the whole marketing mix right if you want to maximise the bookings for your property. Here are some hints that we hope will help you do just that.
1. Setting up your advertisement
  • Write great copy
  • Choose clear photographs
  • Quote realistic rental rates
  • Double check your contact details
2. Maintaining your advertisement
  • Keep rental rates current
  • Refresh copy and photos
3. Responding to renter enquiries
  • Reply promptly and use the SMS alerts
  • Supply extra information
  • Be enthusiastic
1. Setting up your advertisement
Write great copy
  • The headline should give a short well-crafted summary
  • Use the words that some one looking for your property on a search engine would type in
  • Make sure you are consistent in your copy
  • Use lower case letters for all words except the first letter of the first word
  • Write clear, complete sentences, and avoid abbreviations
Choose clear photographs
The internet is a visual medium, so your photographs are probably the most important selling tool on your advertisement. You can use a professional photographer, but most of the photos on our site are taken by the owners themselves. Make sure you send well-lit, bright, clear photographs, taken on a sunny day. The photos should not be more than two or three years old. And it's a good idea to include both exterior and interior shots covering the main living room, kitchen and at least one bedroom - people want to see the quality of the furnishing and style of decoration. A standard landscape/horizontal format fits best.

Quote realistic rental rates
Keep your rental rates clear, simple and realistic. Not surprisingly, the cheaper of two apparently similar properties get booked first. So if getting your bookings early is important to you, then quote lower rates. You can also start higher and then reduce them later, it just depends on your risk profile and the pricing strategy you want to follow. If your property is of a higher than average rate for the area, make sure the photos and copy justify the extra cost, in terms of location, facilities, quality of furnishing or other special features.

Double check your contact details
It may seem obvious, but please make sure your email address, telephone, fax and mobile telephone number for SMS alerts are correct. If they are not, it defeats the whole purpose of advertising! Once your advertisement is live, we recommend you send yourself an email enquiry just to make sure you are able to pick up the booking enquiries. And if you move, or spend time away from your contact location, you change them at any time.
2. Maintaining your advertisement
Keep rental rates current
You can change your rental rates as often as you like. Changes take effect immediately.

Refresh copy and photos
You can update your copy at any time for no cost, and it is often worth doing so. You may find that people keep asking the same question about your property, so put the answer in your advertisement. You may add a new facility or discover a great attraction in your area. All this can be added to your text. It is also a good idea to refresh your photos. Decorations and furniture gets upgraded and gardens grow. Your guests need to see what they will be getting.
3. Responding to renter enquiries
People using the site send an average of two enquiries. There is a lot you can do to make sure that your property is the one they book.

Reply promptly and use the SMS alerts
The internet is an immediate medium. We do not offer online bookings as we know that both our advertisers and the site visitors want to make contact with the other party and check a few things out, before booking. The faster you reply the more important you will make the enquirer feel, and the more likely you are to get the booking. With the SMS alerts, advertisers are able to respond to a booking enquiry within minutes, so don't get left behind.

Supply extra information
It is a good idea to include well written follow-up details with your response to every email enquiry. At this stage people are interested in your property, and any extra bit of information will influence their decision.

Be enthusiastic
If you are not enthusiastic about the delights of your property, you cannot expect people to want to rent it. Be patient and courteous, even if the answer to a question is already given on your advertisement.

We hope these hints will help you to make your advertising on the best investment you have ever made!
Last updated : February 2009

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